July 28th Updates

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Dates & Times
● Monday July 29 to Friday August 2rd
● Monday August 5th to Friday August 9th.
● 8am-3pm at Wilkins Primary


Volunteers are still Needed!
We need a few more volunteers for Band Camp (helpers to staff the snack table & our final day pizza party).  The times are 9:30am- 1:30pm each day of camp.  Please consider taking a day off of your usual work to spend with our kids!  Sign ups are on BringIt.  Click here BringIt ) Please to the sign up sheet.

WE NEED the following positions filled - please volunteer to help make our kids' experience the best it can be!
  • President - to start in 2019-2020 school year as well - talk to Sue Delanko for details at whhsbpo+vicepresident@gmail.com
  • Chairperson/people for the Pepperoni Roll Sale 

*Up-To-Date Information*
From Mr. Hopkins:

Our primary method of communication will always be through district resources:

1. The Schoology Marching Band page and messages. 
2. Through district email. 
3. Through the Remind App (ask your kids!)
4. The Band parents Email blast

Although social media (Twitter/Facebook/www.whhsband.com) is a valuable resource, it should not be used for anything other than general information/emergencies. Detail specific information will be posted on Schoology. Students were provided with the access code to that and Remind at the beginning of the season. If anyone needs the access code please feel free to email Mr. Hopkins to obtain it (Hopkbr@whsd.net). All current parents and students have access to the Schoology group.

In addition, communication regarding any questions or concerns will only occur through district sources including Schoology, email, phone or scheduled appointment. Mr. Hopkins will work to keep Schoology as current as possible. As always if you ever have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Hopkins.

IF YOU ARE MISSING BAND (SICK): contact Mr. Hopkins at: hopkbr@whsd.net or 412-244-1100 ext. 5154, or message on schoology

Other Upcoming August 2019 Marching Band & Images Events 

Saturday August 10 Churchill Community Day Report to the High School. Report time is 10:30am. Performance time is around 11:30 on the PACE lawn. Churchill will be providing each student with a ticket for lunches for the food trucks. Dress is parade uniform. ***Parade uniform is band t-shirt, plain black shorts, black socks, black Dinkles. No visible jewelry (earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. are prohibited). No nail polish (French or pink & white are okay).

Tuesday August 13 and Wednesday August 14 Rehearsal @ TBD. Time is 5-8. (This may be at the high school, but we will not have access to restrooms.)

Friday August 16th Kennywood Parade Report to High School at 11:30 AM. Students may ride home with parents from Kennywood ONLY if an excuse to not ride the bus back to the high school is turned in by August 14th. Please pack your parade uniform in a bag, do not wear it to the park. Depart for park around noon. Dress is parade uniform. Bring money for dinner.

Saturday August 17th Welcome Back Day Report to High School at 10am. Perform at Junior High School/Intermediate at 11am. Dress is parade uniform. (We will not have access to the restrooms at the high school)

Tuesday August 20th Parent Preview @ the Wolvarena ALL STUDENTS SHOULD REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE WOLVARENA at 6:00 pm. Parent Preview will start at 7pm when football team is finished with their practice. There will be a Band Booster meeting directly before the Preview.

Wednesday August 21st (from this point on rehearsals should be at the high school) Rehearsal from 5-8pm @ the High School. Weeknight rehearsals are mandatory. All students are required to attend, and will not perform if they miss the rehearsal before any performance.

Saturday August 24. Football game Home (Week 0) --Students Report to the High School at 6:00pm wearing their parade uniform. -Report time is 6:30. The football game is scheduled for 8pm. In the past the start time has varied, please look for updates on report times. -Return to high school at roughly 10:30pm

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 27 & 28 Rehearsal from 5-8pm @ the High School

Friday August 30 -Home Football Game --Students Report to the High School at 5:00pm wearing their show shirt. -Depart for Wolverina at roughly 5:30. -Kick off is tentatively at 7pm. -Return to high school at roughly 10:30pm ***The following should be worn under the uniform: band t-shirt or plain black t-shirt, plain black shorts, black socks, black Dinkles. No visible jewelry (earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. are prohibited). No nail polish (French or pink & white are okay).

MONTHLY BAND HOAGIE SALES will start in September.  Orders are due on the 2nd Thursday or each month and delivery of the hoagies are the 3rd Thursday of each month at the high school cafeteria from 5-6PM.  Go to The Band Score http://www.whhsband.com/home site to download the form
SEPT:  Hoagie Form Due:  Sept 12th Hoagies Delivered On: Sept 19th
OCT:  Hoagie Form Due:  Oct 10th Hoagies Delivered On: Oct 17th

Heinz Field Training!!  
Mixed Bags Fundraiser
  • Fundraising is starting early in our season to give everyone as many opportunities as possible to build up your trip accounts!  The Mixed Bags (now called Boone Supply) sale will begin soon.  Look for details in the next 1-2 weeks!

Kennywood Parade:  August 16


Don't forget that Parent Preview will be held on Tuesday, August 20th at 7:00 PM at the Wolvarena. A Band Parent Organization meeting will also occur this evening! 
Wolvarena Sign Ups
Fall 2019 Home Football Games and Hosted Competition
Each family is required to fill volunteer slots at home football games in addition to helping with the home competition, and we need as much help as we can get. We are a volunteer organization and the more people who lend a hand, the easier it is for all of us. Money earned at games via the upper concession stand, merchandise, and 50/50 sales goes to the band's general fund which benefits all students. Please begin to sign up on our Bring It sheets.

Get your marching band swag!
The marching band merchandise sale order submission deadline is Wednesday, August 14th, 2019.  Please, submit all orders to Jennifer Roller Chontos, 224 Sheryl Lane, Pittsburgh, PA  15221 with a check or money order made payable to WHHS BPO (PLEASE, NO EXCEPTIONS).  Flyers should have been distributed at last band practice.  The deadline is Wednesday August 14th.  Merchandise is embroidered with WHHS Band Logo or Wolverine Logo.  Forms are also available on the WHHHSBPO share drive.