Magical World of Disney!

posted Mar 26, 2018, 1:10 PM by WHHS BPO

Are you ready for a magical time? 
URGENT!  All health forms must be turned in. You will not be able to get on the bus without a completed form on file! 
Band Trip Must Brings!
This is the abbreviated list of important information. See Facebook for room assignment, bus assignment, and general trip information including the daily schedule. All questions to Mr. Hopkins or Mr. Crone. 

Buses leave on Wednesday, March 28 (4:00PM) and will return on Monday, April 2 (1:00 PM -approximate).
  • NO EXCEPTIONS   Adult luggage must arrive by 3:00 pm. All student luggage must be in auditorium by Noon March 28th. You may bring one (1) large suitcase and one (1) carry on per person. Students can bring their suitcase to school and leave it in the auditorium. Identification MUST be on all luggage.
  • White Dinkles or all-white shoes and white socks for the parade.
  • Band/choir t-shirt.
  • No cans of any kind. All drinks/food must be in a sealed bottle or pre- packaged store purchased bag. No food can be in zip lock bags  i.e. homemade food. You can bring empty zip lock bags to save opened food. 
  • This is a school trip and all school rules apply.
  • All band/images/choir members are expected to be back at school on Tuesday, April 3. 
Disney Hints
  • Use Fast Pass!: Disney FastPass+ service is included at no extra charge with the price of your ticket, vacation package or Annual Pass and allows you to reserve access to select attractionsentertainment and Character Greetings.
    • Parent tip: For those going on the trip- download the My Disney Experience app and read up on fast passes. Once the kids get their ticket #s (on the ticket), they can book 3 fast passes. Since it'll be crazy busy, that's 3 guaranteed short lines for them. They can book them on the app. They can also keep booking more after they use up the first 3 (so schedule your first three between like 10-2). If they don't have a phone, there are places in the park to make reservations too
  • Remember those awesome Disney pins from the banquet? Take your pin with you! Find a Disney cast member with lanyard featuring pins and offer to trade. If they don't have already have your pin, they will trade. 
  • Free Wi-Fi internet is available in the theme parks and resort hotels at Walt Disney World.
  • Bring your own toss away rain poncho!  Buying one at the park can set you back $10!
  • Just about anywhere at Disney World (including small kiosks) will give you cups of ice for free
  • You can bring your CamelBak into the park. Just make sure your carry bag isn't larger than, 24" long x 15" wide x 18" high.
  • Your bag can ride with you. Helpful tips on how to care for bags while on a Disney ride and other ideas of what you should bring can be found at:
  • Remember to pack your chargers and a portable powerbank if you have one.
  • Sunscreen and a hat to keep yourself cool and sunburn free. The weather is going to be amazing!
Check out for other helpful tips.
Pay attention to the official rules: