Sign-Up to Help with WHHS Band Competition on 9/28

posted Sep 10, 2013, 5:35 PM by WHHS BPO   [ updated Sep 14, 2013, 5:27 PM ]
It is the moment you have all been waiting for.......the signup sheet is finally here for our home Band Competition onSaturday, September 28th. Below is a brief description of the jobs and below that is the link to the online signup sheet. If you emailed or talked to Ellen Kiley earlier about volunteering, your name should already be entered onto the sheet. If it is not, please enter it, so you can reserve your spot. When signing up, please include your email address, so you will get a reminder email, and so that the chairpersons can get a hold of you.

This is a very long day. Setup will start at 9 am and the estimated completion time is 9 pm. We currently have six bands (with possibly more) plus us scheduled to participate as well as the Robert Morris University Band. We need help with setup at 9 am, the concession stand will need help with setup starting at 2 pm, and everyone should pretty much plan on being there by 4 pm for the rest of evening to help with their designated area. We need as many people as possible to help with cleanup after the competition, because it all has to be cleaned up before we leave. The more people that we have the better. It is hard work, but it is so rewarding to see the kids do their thing on the field at the end of the night when everyone is packing up to go home.

We need help in the following areas:

Parking - Parking is at a premium with all of the bands and their fans descending upon the Wolvarena. Our parking crew will make sure that everyone gets a spot to park their vehicle.

Band Escorts - We want to make sure that all of the bands get to the Wolvarena safely from their designated staging area. Each band will have a personal escort to help them make the trek. Once your band is done, you are done for the day, but we would really, really appreciate it if you would stick around to help where you are needed or at least come back to help clean up @9pm.

Pit Unloading Area - This group will make sure all the bands and their equipment get unloaded as quickly as possible in their designated area.

Runners - We need one adult to supervise the responsible kids that are volunteered by their parents to work for the day. There is a lot of running around that gets done during the day, and let's face it, kids have more energy and better knees than we do. The kids will delivery Candygrams, deliver messages, etc. to people all around the stadium.

50/50 - Selling 50/50 tickets in the stands and on the ground.

Raffle Baskets/Lottery Tree - The Raffle Baskets are run like a Chinese Auction. People buy tickets and place them in the container by the basket that they want to win. This group is also in charge of the Lottery Tree.

Admissions - These people take money at the gate and sell programs.

Merchandise - We will have WHHS Band and Wolverine merchandise on hand to sell to all our loyal fans.

Cookies - You know how every Band and Image member is asked to bring two dozen cookies to the competition? Well, we take those cookies, and in true Pittsburgh fashion, we divide them up into yummy cookie boxes and sell the assortments to all of our hungry guests.

Candygrams - Candygrams and Message Bears are items that can be purchased by people to be sent to their family and friends that are in the competing bands. People purchase the candy and/or bear and include a message, and we package it up and deliver it to the recipient at the competition.

Buttons - A new addition this year! Purchase a button to advertise your favorite band section or one toting your favorite band slogan.

Food Concessions - We need several people to start food prep at 2:00pm. We serve our own band first before the gates open at 5:00pm, and then we (hopefully) serve our many hungry guests.

Tents - We need as many pop-up style tents as we can get. Please label your tent with your name on masking tape on the frame, top, and carrying case, so we can return everything to you. Even though we do have a slot for this on the sign-up sheet, we ask that you sign up for another slot as well. These slots are just for us to keep track of how many tents we have coming. We want to spend the day with you as well as your tent!!

Signup Sheet --->>

If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Kiley at