Update February 19-24

posted Feb 22, 2018, 9:51 AM by WHHS BPO

Save the Date!!


The banquet will be March 18 at Olympia Hall.  The cost $30 for all guests including siblings. Band and Image members are free. 

Even if you don't attend, you must still submit your form by March 1. Get your form from Mr. Hopkins or download it here

[Note: These have been slightly edited from the email blast for the purposes of being posted on the web. No significant information has been omitted.]

Call for Officers
The meeting was opened with a call for officers. Nominations are being accepted and will be formalized in April. Voting will take place in May. We must have new officers for financial secretary and secretary in place by the May meeting as the parents in these roles will not have students in band after June. According to our bylaws, if you do not have a child in Band and Images, you cannot not hold a position.


Financials given. Concession stand profits and costs were discussed.  Next year we will be eligible for a booster rate for our soft drink costs. This will help our profit margin considerably. Should anyone want more information regarding financials, please email whhsbpo@gmail.com.

Also discussed was our shared responsibilities with football. We are hoping to meet soon with football representatives to work out the details.  A suggestion was made to reach out to Lou Contouris. A suggestion was made to have a true manager to run the stand. Football is in the process of getting better organized and things are hopefully going to improve next season. 


General Fundraising Update

What fundraisers do you not want to do anymore? Please let us know.

Ongoing Fundraisers

· Heinz field: Please sign up and get trained for next year.

· Sarris: All Sarris sales are complete. Overall participation was low.

· Pittsburgh Popcorn: Our Pittsburgh Popcorn sale is coming up. Orders will be delivered after the trip. It is a good fundraiser for continuing members.

· Bingo: There were several questions about bingo. There is a strong interest and we are looking into it.

New Fundraising Ideas

· Monte Carlo Night: This suggestion was made, but in order to make it work we need someone to coordinate it who knows how they run and ultimately, a location donation.

· That’s a Wrap: Peperoni Rolls. We would need to sell 400 items for this to be successful. The items sell for $2 each and $1 goes to the student account. The rolls are 6 inches in length. The suggestion was made to purchase them for the concession stand and sell for around $3. They could be very successful as a concession stand item.

· Purse Bingo:  Every bingo wins a purse or some other item if men are also playing. We can include a basket raffle, strip tickets, food, make it a BYOB. While the upfront cost to obtain good purses is high, we would return unclaimed bags.

Band Trip

Price is finalized! The cost will be $1,000 for students. Adult pricing will vary depending on the room type selected. Please contact Rose Papariella to find out how much money is in your account. Final payment due at the mandatory March 4 meeting.

At this time we are looking at the following as our itinerary:

  • Thursday:  Arrive in Florida between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Visit Universal Studios.  Evening show will be the Blue Man Group.
  • Friday: Magic Kingdom. Performance will be here.
  • Saturday: Epcot. Choir performs at Disney Springs.
  • Sunday: Animal Kingdom. Church services will be provided for Easter Sunday.
  • Leave Sunday night to return Monday at some point.


We were made aware that there are no longer choir stages in any park. The choir is scheduled to perform at Disney Springs and we are working on changing the time.

We are hoping to leave Wednesday in the evening between 4:00 and 6:00 PM. We are currently waiting for the bus company, Meyers, to get back to us on the time.

 Kids may have to make up a snow day on the Monday we return for the trip or possibly Thursday, March 29. No band or image member will be marked absent if school is held on either of those days.


Band will be wearing white pants, white Dinkles or exclusively white shoes. Uniform fittings will be held on March 12 [8th grade and freshmen], 13 [sophomores and juniors], 14 [seniors and anyone who missed].


Will have three mandatory rehearsals, including one Saturday.

  • March 7, 5:00 PM- 7:00 PM
  • March 14, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • March 24, 9:00 AM to Noon

There will be no rehearsals at Disney. Everyone must attend the three scheduled rehearsals. No exceptions. This is all we have prior to our performance.