Update July 31- August 4

posted Aug 3, 2017, 5:31 AM by WHHS BPO
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Your band officers for the upcoming 2017-2018 year will be:
We really need to fill the Concession Stand Leader and Ways and Means positions. These are essential to our operations. Please contact Ellen Kiley if you are interested.
Ellen Kiley
Vice President Laura Osterle
Secretary Miriam Meislik Lee
Treasurer Lisa Brawdy
Financial Secretary Rose Papariella
Ways & Means[Position to be Filled]
Heinz Field Coordinator     Donna Kefalos 
Uniform CoordinatorCathy Powers
Concession Stand  Leader [Position to be Filled]

Welcome Woodland Hills High School Band and Images supporters!



The band calendar is current as of this update with practice dates, band camp dates, fundraising, and Heinz Field dates. New information will be added as we get it. Other events, not yet confirmed, are in the works. Keep an eye out for updates via the newsletter and Facebook.

Band Camp

Band camp is in full swing! Please remember that we also have next week, August 7- August 11. Please be sure to follow the band on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute information. [What color is YOUR shirt?] Remind your Band and Images member to check Facebook for music information and other logistics.

We need volunteers for band camp. At least three parents are desired for each camp day between 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM. A Bring It sign-up sheet is available, http://whhsbandbpo.bringit.bz/public/aaca6f.

Please meet at the Jr/Sr High Cafeteria.

Here are the dates and the number of people needed:

Friday August 4 (1 person)
Tuesday August 7 (1 person)
Wednesday August 8 (2 people)
Thursday August 9 (1 person)
Friday, August 11 (3+ people)

On Friday, August 11, we need extra volunteers to assist with the end of camp pizza party.

A snack stand is available during camp. Band t-shirts featuring our Miss Saigon show design will be available for $15. Shirts are worn by all Band and Images during performances such as parades, Kennywood, community day, etc. All students must have a shirt before camp ends.

Ravenous marchers will eat between 11:30-12:30 approximately. The traditional last day pizza party will be on August 11. Parent volunteers are needed to help feed our hungry Band and Images. Lunch includes pizza, salad, lemonade, water.


Cathy Powers is our uniform coordinator. Fittings will take place during band camp between 5-9pm. Older students are needed to assist. Parents are needed to help with minor alterations that are done on-site. Please allow 45-60 minutes for first time fittings for new members. Uniforms do not leave school at any time. An announcement will go out closer to the date for help. Band members will need all-black Dinkles this year. The Dinkles cost around $30. Black above the ankle socks will also be required.  Please contact Cathy Powers with any questions. A fitting schedule has been posted to Facebook.

Images costumes will be thematic. More information regarding the purchase or construction of costumes will be forthcoming. Mr. Crone has some great ideas. Appropriate shoes will need to be purchased by Images team members.


Mr. Crone would like to remind everyone to pay attention to the attendance policy for games, competitions, and practices. Please let Mr. Crone, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Shaw know ASAP if there is a conflict, the band member is ill, or there are fall sports issues. We need everyone to be at all band-related activities.

Band on the Move!

We will be featured in several community parades this year. More information will come to you closer to the performance dates. Please watch for updates via MailChimp and our group Facebook page.

First Performance is at Kennywood, August 17!

Football Games

Our first game is at home on August 25. We work the concession stand with football as a unified team effort.  This is before parent preview and the start of school. We will need many volunteers for the concession stand. A Bring It sign-up sheet has been  created with a variety of opportunities. You will notice that opportunities are designated for football and band volunteers. Football is also using the sign up so that each group knows who and how many to expect. Each band and football family will ideally work at least twice. All regular game dates are in the calendar. We are looking forward to our continued collaboration with football to feed hungry fans!


This is still all the information we have regarding the trip.


We will be going to Disney over Easter break. This year the Chamber Choir will be joining us. We do not have a firm cost yet. The hotel will not be an onsite Disney hotel. We can expect something between $900 and $1000. The band will perform on Good Friday and the Chamber Choir will perform on Saturday. We will leave from the Jr. / Sr. High School on Wednesday and return the following Monday. No school will be missed. Easter services will be arranged for those who want to observe the holiday. More information will be available as we get it.

We will have the band banquet prior to the trip, likely sometime in January or February. Location and date are yet to be determined.


We will have several competitions this year that will showcase our amazing Band and Images talent. Everyone is encouraged to attend competitions to support our Band and Images as well as support the other fantastic regional bands.

The Woodland Hills High School Marching Band and Images will compete in four competitions including our own all-hands-on-deck event October 7. We have put in a bid to host the Tournament of Bands competition at the Wolvarena. We will keep you posted if we win the bid.

More information regarding competitions will be posted as the dates near.

Please see our website for information regarding the types of fundraisers in which we participate. Chamber Choir is joining us in Disney this year and will be participating in our fundraisers to earn money to support their trip. Fundraisers include working Heinz Field, hoagie sales, Sarris Candy, Pittsburgh Popcorn, and many others. Please see our website and our fundraising page for more information. We have many fundraising opportunities. You don’t have to do all of them. Feel free to pick your favorites.


If it's band season, it's also hoagie season!  The first order of the new year is due on August 3. Orders will be will be available for pick up after band camp 2:30/3:00 Jr/SR high cafeteria on Thursday, August 10. Additional dates will be added to the calendar.

Mary Burke, chair | maryntomburke@verizon.net

Monthly sale of eight varieties of hoagies prepared by Shop and Save.
  • Frequency/dates: Monthly from July through May. See the Fundraising calendar for order due dates and pickup dates.
  • Sale price/profit: Hoagies are $6 each. For each hoagie sold, $2 goes to the student’s account.
  • Order form: Download the hoagie order from the Forms tab on this site.

Heinz Field

Everyone volunteering should have received an update from Donna Kefalos  on July 30. You must have your training! If you are not on the list, please email either whhsbpo@gmail.com.com or Donna directly to be added.

This is the biggest fundraiser we have. We always have a high level of participation, which allows us to maintain our own stand, number 134. We need 15 people to fully staff this stand and more are always encouraged. The more people we bring, the more opportunities to earn bigger payouts. We often bring so many people that we are assigned to staff beer carts and other stands.  Payouts for games run between $90 to $120 per student [less the 10% for the general fund]. Last year we earned $21,000 by working events and football games. The game schedule is posted to the group calendar. In order to work, you must be at least 18 and have ServSafe and Ramp training. Training announcements will be sent to the group. Even if you aren't sure if you will work, we encourage everyone to obtain training. Donna will keep everyone updated with training opportunities.