Update Week of October 31-November 5

posted Nov 1, 2016, 2:02 PM by WHHS BPO

First Playoff Game!

Friday we get to pump up the crowd and perform our fabulous halftime show for the first playoff game. Report times and schedule changes will be posted to Facebook.


We realize many of you have worked multiple games this year, but we need everyone's help this week. Please sign up to volunteer by going to our BringIt page, https://whhsbandbpo.bringit.bz/dashboard/c6a135.

Band Parent Meeting

There will be a Band Parent at 7:00 PM November 2 in the Jr./Sr. High School Auditorium. This will be the last meeting at the auditorium. Future meetings will be held at the Intermediate School for the remainder of the school year.

Band Banquet

The band banquet will be held Sunday, November 20, 2016 at the Doubletree Hotel in Monroeville [Please note the venue change from previous years!] Band members are always free. Parents and siblings are $25 per person.  If you did not receive a form, you can download one from our Forms tab. All forms and reservations must be made November 11 to make sure we have an accurate count and enough food.


Due this week:

    o    Mixed Bag

          Orders are due November 3. Order pickup is mid-December TBD. Information available under the Fundraising tab.

Coming Due:


  • Hoagie orders will be due on November 9 with pick up on November 17 in the Jr./Sr. High cafeteria.
  • Sale price/profit: Hoagies are $6 each. For each hoagie sold, $2 goes to the student’s account.
  • Order form: Download the hoagie order from the Forms tab on this site.

Sarris and Cookie Dough orders will also be available for pick up on November 17 in the Jr./Sr. High cafeteria.


     o   Heinz Field

             See the Volunteer tab for information and to sign up for Pitt and Steeler games. Contact Donna Kefalos with any questions.

     o   Lottery Calendars

            Calendars are $20 each. For each calendar sold, $6 goes to the student’s account. Please contact Jen Pekor  with questions or to request                    calendars.More information on the Fundraising tab.


       Home v. Franklin Regional. Game time is 7:30 PM.