Frequently asked questions are asked and answered below. If you have a question you'd like to add to this page, send an email to whhsbpo@gmail.com.

Who can join the WHHS Marching Band and Images Ensemble?

Students who reside in the Woodland Hills School District are eligible to join the band from 8th through 12th grade. 

The band holds a two-day mini band camp at the end of each school year. Many upperclassmen participate to mentor new band members. t's a great way to experience band if you're not sure you want to participate in high school marching band. (Marching band is separate from high school concert band and jazz band.) Check the calendar for dates.

How can a parent/guardian join the WHHSBPO?

Parents and guardians can join the WHHSBPO as members by purchasing an annual membership card for $5. You must be a member to vote for WHHSBPO officers and other decisions that come to a vote. You do not have to be a member to attend WHHSBPO meetings. All parents and guardians are welcome to attend.

Membership cards are available for purchase at the first three WHHSBPO meetings each school year. Contact the WHHSBPO secretary if you would like to purchase a membership card but can't attend a WHHSBPO meeting.

Band uniforms

What are the parts of the band uniform?

Uniform fitting contact: Cathy Powers| Superpowers5inpgh@gmail.com

Woodland Hills instrumentalists have two uniforms:

  • Uniform 1: Teal jacket, black pants, helmet, black baldric 
  • Uniform 2: Teal jacket, white pants, helmet, white baldric (this uniform is typically reserved for competitions)

With the uniform students will wear:

  • Black or white crew socks with the black or white uniform. No ankle socks.
  • Black and white shoes-  The black shoes are marching dinkles. (Band shoes) These are ordered in bulk by the band. Orders are due by July 11, 2018. Order forms are available in the band room. Band dinkles are $34.  Images shoes are $55. 
    The white shoes are to be any form of an ALL WHITE athletic shoe/ sneaker, bought at any local store, (Walmart, Kmart, etc). These are provided by the student.
  • White gloves - provided by the band.
  • Please note: Decrease or eliminate hair products on game days and competition days. The helmets have a white leather insert which will fit around the head to keep the helmet on. WHHSBPO would like to minimize the amount of soiling that occurs during the season, so cleaning it will not be difficult. If this will cause a problem due to the type of hair your student has, then consider trying a wig cap.

How are uniforms fitted and cleaned?


Uniform fittings are held in the evenings during the second week of band camp. Dates and times for each grade will be announced by July 18, 2018. 
-Please wear or bring socks with you. Band members will wear dinkles provided during the fitting to get the hem correct.
-Plan to be at the fitting for 60-90 minutes for first time band members.

- NOTE:  Each family is responsible for hemming the pants. This is done at the uniform fittings, band uniforms WILL NOT be permitted to be taken home for hemming. Sewing machines and sewing materials are provided at the fittings. Parents help each other with the hemming of the pants and can teach you what to do.


The WHHSBPO pays to have each uniform cleaned at the end of the season. Uniforms do not come home with students. They are stored at the high school in the uniform wardrobe.

What should students wear under their uniforms?

Warm weather: Wear shorts and a t-shirt. Students will put their uniforms on over their clothes, so pick colors that won't show through white pants.

Cold weather: As the season progresses, nights get cold. Uniforms are not made of wool so they are not warm. Your student should wear thermal underwear underneath to stay warm. Pick solid, light-colored under garments that won't show through the white uniform.

How do students know which uniform to wear to an event?

This information is communicated by staff and section leaders, who also post it to the band's facebook page.

How do students know what time to report for an event?

This information is communicated by staff and section leaders, who also post it to the band's facebook page.

Band Camp

Is there a band camp in the summer? When is it?

Mr. Hopkins and his staff hold a two-week band camp prior to every season, usually in late July and early August. Band camp is typically held at the Jr./Sr. High School and runs from 8 am to 3 pm each weekday. Times and locations are subject to change. All notices posted to Schoology. There is no cost for band camp. 

An inexpensive concession stand is available where students can purchase treats. Students should bring water, sunblock, sunglasses and/or a hat, and a packed lunch each day.

The also band holds a two-day mini band camp at the end of each school year. Many upperclassmen participate to mentor new band members. It's a great way to experience band if you're not sure you want to participate in high school marching band. (Marching band is separate from high school concert band and jazz band.) Check the calendar for dates.

What do students need for band camp?


Dress for seven hours outside in the sun or rain. Wear tennis shoes and socks, shorts, t-shirt, a hate with a brim, or a visor.

Bring these items:
  • Students who march need a flip notebook (approx. 4x6 inches) and a lanyard to wear it on
  • Instrument (or drum sticks), music, and fingering charts
  • Mouthpiece, extra reeds, oil, etc.
  • Pencils and highlighters
  • Name tags
  • Four (4) chips like a snapple lid or poker chips to use to mark positions
  • Section leader's phone number (section leaders should have numbers for all members of section)
  • Water bottles (several!)
  • Food for lunch
  • Sunscreen
  • Money for snacks

Punctuality is important!

Arrive early each day so we can be ready to start at 8 am sharp. Have your ride ready to pick you up at 3 pm because we must leave quickly at the end of the day.

When and where is the next band trip?

The next trip (2020) will be announced when we have the information. As 2019 is not a band trip year, it will be a senior trip year. 

The entire Band & Images typically take a trip every other year. There is an annual trip for seniors.

How can I find out how much money is in my student's account?

Email the financial secretary to request an account balance report.

Where can I park near the Wolvarena?

The Wolvarena parking lot is small and unfortunately, it costs $5 to park there during football games even if you are volunteering. Here are some free and less-expensive options if you don't mind a short walk:
  • McMaster's United Methodist Church (Triboro and Church St.) has two parking lots and requests a small donation from people who park there.
  • Small parking lot behind the post office (between Monroeville Ave. and Grant St.)
  • Academy parking lots (small one off Monroeville Ave. and a larger one off Penn Ave. Ext.)

Can I add band calendars to my own Google Calendar?

Yes, you can add band calendars to you Google Calendar list. This enables you to view band events in your personal Google Calendar.
  1. Add a new calendar to your Google Calendar.
  2. Provide the calendar ID of the band calendar you want:
    • Band events calendar ID:

    • Fundraising events calendar ID:

    • Heinz Field events calendar ID: