Band Merchandise [Band and Images Swag!]

Nancy Robertson

  • Frequency/dates: Fall and other dates as announced
  • Sale starts:Date Orders taken in August for specific sizes and options; items also available during football games and home competition
  • Order form  - please see our FB page or contact Nancy 

Heinz Field Concession Stand

Camille Malecki, chair |

Volunteers work in a concession stand at Heinz Field during Steeler / Pitt football games or at other special events to earn money for a student's account. You MUST complete the following before you can work there:
  1. ServSafe:

    Please have your volunteers read through the attached “Food Safety Training” and watch the Youtube link below.  Sign the acknowledgment form which is in the attachment with the NPO Documents. This form is to be signed and returned for course credit.  Done annually

  2. RAMP alcohol training can be taken online for $10:

    When asked for the LID # please enter 48228 and send us a copy of your CERTIFICATE when training course is completed.  To be completed every 2 years. Training may also be available at Heinz Field. Dates will be announced when they are available.  IF you take the online RAMP- you must complete the “RAMP Employee Signature.Please note that you must enter your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of your social security number on the top. You will then initial all the dotted lines on the right hand side of the page and sign your name at the bottom.
***Volunteers must be 16 -  (16 &17 year olds can work the stand but not run the register - payout is the same)
  • Frequency/dates: Late summer, fall, early winter. 
  • Sale price/profit: The band earns approx. $90 to $110 per person per event worked, depending on the event. Your student receives 90% of your earnings from each event and 10% goes to the band's general fund.
  • Sign-up sheet: Once you're trained, you can sign up to work games online and see what games you've signed up for. The links are on the Volunteer tab on this site


Denny Lape

Monthly sale of eight varieties of hoagies prepared by Shop and Save.
  • Frequency/dates: Monthly from July through May. See the Fundraising calendar for order due dates and pickup dates.
  • Sale price/profit: Hoagies are $7.50 each. For each hoagie sold, $2 goes to the student’s account.
  • Order form: Download the hoagie order form from this site.

Home Band Competition

Sue Delanko, chair |

Woodland Hills Marching Band and Images hosts an annual competition for approximately six other high school bands. This is the organization's biggest fundraiser of the year. All parents are expected and needed to help with this event.
  • Frequency/dates: Annually (in September or October)
  • Sale price/profit: All profits from ticket sales, concessions, and other sales go to the band's general fund.

Lottery Calendars

Mary Conti, chair | | 412-867-6818

Band lottery calendars are now available for next year. They are $20 each and band members earn $6 for every calendar sold.  Each calendar enables players (purchasers) to win if their number matches the Pennsylvania Lottery Evening Pick 3 Number on a given day. If the player's number is drawn Monday through Saturday, they win $20; if their number hits on a Sunday, they win $50; and if their number hits on the specific holiday per month, they win $100. Numbers are distributed randomly. As a seller, you do not have to pay for calendars up front. Just return any unsold calendars to the chairperson before the end of the calendar year. Turn player information stubs and checks made out to WHHS BPO for sold calendars in to the chairperson, Mary Conti by phone at (412) 867-6818 or e-mail at, or ask Mr. Hopkins. 

  • Frequency/dates: Available for sale August through mid-December. Payout is throughout the entire calendar year. Unsold calendars and money for those sold are due December 15, 2019 since this is a trip year.
  • Sale price/profit: Calendars are $20 each. For each calendar sold, $6 goes to the student’s account.
  • Request calendars from Mary Conti

Pepperoni Rolls

Chair: Kristin Harty;; 724-420-1129
  • Frequency/dates:    Fall 2021
  • Sale price/profit: 
  • Sale starts
  • Sale ends: 
  • Delivery: 
  • Order form: 

Sarris Candy

Mary Conti, chair | | 412-867-6818

Sarris Candy Fundraiser

Student profit for this sale will depend on the total sales of the group.  The student profit range will be 25%-35% less the 10% profit for the BPO general fund. 

Again, this year for your out-of-town customers…they can order online and have it shipped directly to their house. Just visit and enter 10-1251 as the Group ID#. Make sure they enter the student’s name, so the student gets credit for the sale. The customer pays online, so no need to worry about collecting money or making deliveries out of town. Please note, there is a shipping charge added to the order, and the profit is only 25% less the 10% for the BPO General Fund. Do not turn in online orders on your Master Sheet!

Both copies of the completed Master Sheet along with the full payment are due to Mr. Hopkins in a sealed envelope by Wednesday, October 23rd.  Checks are to be made payable to WHHSBPO with your student's name and “Sarris Candy” written on the memo line. Any questions, please contact Lisa Barry at 412-607-2153 or

  • Frequency/dates: Twice annually, before Christmas and Easter.
  • Sale price/profit: Sale prices vary per item. Student profit range is 25%-30%, minus 10% for the WHHSBPO general fund.
  • Order form: Request paper order forms and catalogs from the chairperson or have your student check the Band Room.