Updates for Week of August 12th

WEEK OF AUGUST 12th Update:

PARENT PREVIEW is on Tuesday August 20th Parent Preview @ the Wolvarena ALL STUDENTS SHOULD REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE WOLVARENA at 6:00 pm. Parent Preview will start at 7pm when football team is finished with their practice. There will be a Band Booster meeting directly before the Preview. It is extremely important that all parents attend this meeting!  😊

New Volunteer Requests!  Our Marching Band and Images could also use 4-6 Parent Volunteers for Our Kennywood Day.  Our Vice President will also be reserving on of Kenny's, Kabana (near Noah's Ark in the center of the park) for people to stop by, leave items if needed, and meet up with other band families.  Watching the parade from the main cafeteria with the large wraparound porch is also a great place to see our students march!  

See The Band Score website’s volunteer page to click the Bring It section to sign up!


Wendy Fletcher has generously agreed to run the Boon Supply/Mixed Bag fundraiser from August 20-September 20.  The plan is to receive the catalogs in time to distribute at the Tuesday, August 20th Parent Preview.  More details to come!

URGENT CALL for VOLUNTEERS to get trained and fill slots of the WHHSBPO Concession Stand!
We are already having difficulty filling our Heinz Field Concession Stand and it is very possible that our Woody High stand could be in jeopardy.  This is often the easiest way to raise fast funds for your student’s trip (pay out is usually $90 and above per event).
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get your training documents (RAMP is you are new, and the annual documents if you took it a year ago and it hasn’t expired).  Details are here: 


We need SEVERAL VOLUNTEERS for all upcoming games.  Please sign up and contact Camille Malecki asap at 412-401-4642 (preferred) or email at whbpo.heinzcoordinator@gmail.com  Sign Up here:  BringIt

Band lottery calendars are now available for next year. They are $20 each and band members earn $6 for every calendar sold.  Each calendar enables players (purchasers) to win if their number matches the Pennsylvania Lottery Evening Pick 3 Number on a given day. If the player's number is drawn Monday through Saturday, they win $20; if their number hits on a Sunday, they win $50; and if their number hits on the specific holiday per month, they win $100. Numbers are distributed randomly. As a seller, you do not have to pay for calendars up front. Just return any unsold calendars to the chairperson before the end of the calendar year. Turn player information stubs and checks made out to WHHS BPO for sold calendars in to the chairperson, Mary Conti by phone at (412) 867-6818 or e-mail at cookwithmaryconti@yahoo.com, or ask Mr. Hopkins. 

Other Upcoming August 2019 Marching Band & Images Events
Tuesday August 13 and Wednesday August 14 Rehearsal @ WILKINS. Time is 5-8. (This may be at the high school, but we will not have access to restrooms.)
Friday August 16th Kennywood Parade Report to High School at 11:30 AM. Students may ride home with parents from Kennywood ONLY if an excuse to not ride the bus back to the high school is turned in by August 14th. Please pack your parade uniform in a bag, do not wear it to the park. Depart for park around noon. Dress is parade uniform. Bring money for dinner.
Saturday August 17th Welcome Back Day Report to High School at 10am. Perform at Junior High School/Intermediate at 11am. Dress is parade uniform. (We will not have access to the restrooms at the high school)
Wednesday August 21st (from this point on rehearsals should be at the high school) Rehearsal from 5-8pm @ the High School. Weeknight rehearsals are mandatory. All students are required to attend, and will not perform if they miss the rehearsal before any performance.
Saturday August 24. Football game Home (Week 0) --Students Report to the High School at 6:00pm wearing their parade uniform. -Report time is 6:30. The football game is scheduled for 8pm. In the past the start time has varied, please look for updates on report times. -Return to high school at roughly 10:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday, August 27 & 28 Rehearsal from 5-8pm @ the High School
Friday August 30 -Home Football Game --Students Report to the High School at 5:00pm wearing their show shirt. -Depart for Wolverina at roughly 5:30. -Kick off is tentatively at 7pm. -Return to high school at roughly 10:30pm ***The following should be worn under the uniform: band t-shirt or plain black t-shirt, plain black shorts, black socks, black Dinkles. No visible jewelry (earrings, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, etc. are prohibited). No nail polish (French or pink & white are okay).

HOAGIE SALES will Begin Soon! 
Monthly sale of eight varieties of hoagies are prepared by Shop and Save.  Mary Burke is the chairperson and can be reached at maryntomburke@verizon.net

  • Frequency/dates: Monthly from September through May. 
  • See the Fundraising calendar for order due dates and pickup dates.
    • SEPT:  Hoagie Form Due:  Sept 12th Hoagies Delivered On: Sept 19th
  • OCT:  Hoagie Form Due:  Oct 10th Hoagies Delivered On: Oct 17th Sale price/profit: Hoagies are $6 each. For each hoagie sold, $2 goes to the student’s account.

Order form: Download the hoagie order form from this site.