We need a Treasurer for the 2021-2022 academic year and parents of under classmen to shadow current officers for next year!  A Treasurer is desperately needed as the current Treasurer's child graduated last year!  If we can not find a Treasurer by band camp we will have to disband the BPO! The President, Secretary, and Heinz Field Coordinator have students that will be seniors in 21/22.  It is imperative that all roles are filled in 2022-2023.  Descriptions of positions will be coming out shortly but do not hesitate to reach out to current officers if you are interested.  Working parents CAN do this - and the kids appreciate it!

Heinz Field Concession Stand - This is happening this year (21/22)

Volunteers work in a concession stand at Heinz Field during and Steeler football games or at other special events to earn money for a student's account. Volunteers must be 18 and have completed Aramark's food preparation. 


Please note the new process this year  

All volunteers need to send Camille Malecki  ( via email at whbpo.heinzcoordinator@gmail.com ) their name, email,  street address, city, and date of birth.  Each volunteer must have their own email address. This list is submitted to Heinz field; each volunteer will receive their background check forms via DocuSign. This should be completed as soon as possible. 


RAMP (Alcohol) Training: $10 takes about 3 hours to complete

Ramp is valid for 2 years. Everyone will need to do this also since we did not participate in 2020.

Below is the link for the training. You must pass in order to get your certificate.  I will need a copy of the certificate to send to Heinz Field.

Heinz Field LID Number is 48228.


Camille Malecki, chair | whbpo.heinzcoordinator@gmail.com  - CAMILLE WILL ALSO NEED REPLACED IN 2022-2023



Don't forget to sign up for the Wolvarena concession stand. We need people for concession stand, 50/50 sales, merchandise and to help with the pit at half time. Please consider volunteering. Many hands make light work!